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Five-star Prince Modern Kish Hotel
Five-star Prince Modern Kish Hotel
Investment of Kish future lovers company (public share) by participating in the five-star Prince Modern hotel project since December 1401, its extensive activity to build this hotel on a land of 7570 square meters on thirteen floors with infrastructure of about twenty thousand Meter started that the construction management is also the responsibility of Dostdaran Atiye Saz Construction Company of Kish. The location of Modern Prince Hotel is in one of the best places in Kish, on the main tourist boulevard near Kish Dolphin Park.
Share subscription announcement
Share subscription announcement
The subscription period will start from the first office hours on Wednesday 01/09/1402 and will continue for 30 days until the end of office hours on Friday 01/10/1402.
Cooperate with Bank Maskan brokerage company
Cooperate with Bank Maskan brokerage company
Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Kish Future Lovers Company (Public Stock) and Maskan Bank Brokerage Company to cooperate in providing capital for tourism and tourism infrastructure development projects and Kish economic enterprises.

Subscription of company shares

Kish Future Lovers Company (public shares) by investing in the five-star Modern Prince Hotel project in Kish, as well as the review and initial studies of mass construction projects in the north of the country and the 6-hectare recreational, tourism and ecotourism project in Chamkhale Beach, by offering shares at 150 Tomans invites you, a respected investor, to participate in this subscription.

  • Development and prosperity of Kish tourism
  • Completion of semi-finished projects in Kish
  • Empowering startups
For more information and to buy shares, please call +989123031221.

Remaining time until the end of subscription and purchase of shares

اتمام پذیره نویسی.

Services our company

tourism development

Development of tourism infrastructure by building hotels and accommodation centers and attracting domestic and foreign tourists

Business and commercial affairs

Buying and selling, import and export, executive services of commercial projects


Providing engineering and technical management services, monitoring construction projects, settlement construction

Development of information technology

Providing empowering services for startups, developing innovative and new businesses, providing technology services

Collective investment

Modeling the Kish brand for its exploitation throughout the country

Collective investment

Collective investment with the participation of people in projects through the capital market with small and large capitals

Investment advice

Providing investment opportunities and offering exclusive investment portfolios

Financial engineering

Designing, developing and implementing innovative tools in order to respond to the issues and needs of financial markets

Project construction operationsKish Prince Hotel

The Prince Hotel project is under construction on a land of 7,575 square meters and 12 floors with an area of approximately 22,000 square meters in El. Up to this stage, the design and preparation of architectural plans have been completed and it is in the process of issuing a construction permit.

Currently, Dostdaran Atiye Saz Construction Company, as the construction-executive arm of Kish Dostdaran Ainde Saz Company, is responsible for the construction of the five-star Modern Prince Hotel in Kish as the contract manager.

It is expected that due to the completion of the architectural and design studies of phase one, with the completion of structural studies and the preparation of executive plans, this project will be physically progressed to the end of the foundation stage in less than 30 days with the start of the foundation implementation before the end of 1402. make a researcher
Implementation of the project up to this stage:
Demolition of the old four-story concrete structure on the ground
Quantitative, qualitative and destruction studies 100%
Excavation operations according to the new regulations announced by the Kish Free Zone Organization
Excavation with an approximate volume of 25,000 cubic meters 100%
Geotechnical and geophysical studies with the help of consulting engineers
Accurate identification of the condition of the soil under the foundation 100%
Design and construction of engineering offices, contractors and labor camps
Equipping the workshop according to project standards and requirements 100%
Architectural studies and design phase one
Architecture phase one design 100%
Structural studies
Preparation of executive plans 100%
Implementation of the foundation
Implementation of concrete unless 30%


construction company
Dostdaran Atiye Saz Kish

Date of establishment: 11/14/2018 Type of legal entity: private equity Registration number: 13992 National ID: 14008967709

Technology company
Dostdaran Atiye Negar Kish

Date of establishment: Fall 1999 Legal personality: private equity Registration number: 14168

Company projects

Prince Modern Kish Hotel Project

Prince Modern Kish Hotel Project

The Prince Hotel project is under construction on a land of 7,575 square meters and 12 floors with an area of approximately 22,000 square meters in El. Up to this ...

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Initial Investment
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First stage subscription
Dostdaran Ayandeh saz CompanyPublic share

In the near future, we will play a role as a successful model in attracting people's capital to build large tourism and construction projects in Kish Zeba and dear Iran.

mission statement

mission statement

Within the next two years, by entering the capital market, we will have the opportunity and ability to attract all the lovers of Kish Zeba to participate in the valuable projects of this company in Kish Zeba and other parts of our dear country, Iran.



Our vision is to provide shareholders with the best growth opportunities in the capital market.



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