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Prince Modern Kish Hotel Project

The Prince Hotel project is under construction on a land of 7,575 square meters and 12 floors with an area of approximately 22,000 square meters in El. Up to this stage, the design and preparation of architectural plans have been completed and it is in the process of issuing a construction permit.

The executive operations that have been carried out in the project up to this point are as follows:

Demolition operation of the old four-story concrete structure on the ground after carrying out detailed qualitative and quantitative studies
Excavation according to the new regulations announced by the Kish Free Zone Organization with an approximate volume of 25,000 cubic meters
Conducting geotechnical and geophysical studies with the help of consultants to accurately identify the condition of the soil under the foundation
Design and construction of workshop equipment, including construction of engineering offices, contractors’ offices and labor camps according to project standards and requirements

It is expected that due to the completion of the architectural and design studies of phase one, with the completion of structural studies and the preparation of executive plans, this project will be physically progressed to the end of the foundation stage in less than 30 days with the start of the foundation implementation before the end of 1402. make a researcher